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My observation today could be that the Chinese Parents and Grandparents spoil there children rotten, so you today have so many small Emperors as my partner calls them, she's Chinese and cant recognize that the Chinese parents cant see that the " boy preference" is indeed wrong today, when nearly 200 million men in China will never get a wife or even a girlfriend. But when Doctors eat soda noodles, because they believe that provides a better chance of getting a boy then I can understand why it is so difficult to get across for the "modern" Chinese public! "quote from China Daily" It has given me more freedom, "said Cheng Ling Ling. She covers China's so-called one-child policy, the most controversial elements of the lives of Chinese people. But for 33-year-old Cheng has become positive. "It has eliminated the social and traditional pressures to have more children. I do not have to be only a mother, but sometimes also focus on his career being a manager in a foreign IT company. " Four years ago she gave birth to a woman. "If I had had more children, it might totally have put an end to my career. Just as a housewife gives no respect, "she says."unquote" Since 1979, China's family planning rules changed the dynamics of Chinese families, particularly those in cities, virtually all are already prevented from having more than one child. Purpose of the policy would have been to curb the country's population growth. And while the entire world population reached seven billion., The Chinese government to say that the one-child policy has generated nearly half a billion fewer births in the united kingdom within the past 3 decades - and in accordance with Chinese scientists, has delayed today's anniversary of five years. Chinese experts suggest that women have achieved higher status, because they have no brothers to contend with them on the parents' favor. And when they're thus one of being the family's an answer to the longer term, use all resources to help expand their education and welfare, that is a strong break with centuries of discrimination.

America is discovering reality the hard way, "there isn't such thing as being a free lunch." Whatever happened to delayed gratification? Most children today happen to be deceived into believing they deserve everything their parents have, and desire it now! I wonder who taught them that lie through the pits of hell? I think it started while using commercials on TeleTubbies, and they weren't directed at the mother and father.

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